To run the script, go to you balance sheet or income statement report. If you look closely, you’ll notice there are two dark blue rows at the top of the report. Position your cursor on the top row and right click. The script should run from there.

Once the script has run, click on the dropdown and a new report will appear “trial balance”. You’ll notice that this is not quite what you need because it also contains the “total” accounts.

QW wants the user to create a separate report which duplicates the accounts to appear on the trial balance with the appropriate “total-to’s” from the posting account. That’s right. You need to double the size of your chart of accounts. Every time you add an account to a report, you need to add it to the trial balance. I’m sure there are the traditional individuals the have the discipline to add accounts to the trial balance first then enter them in the report as appropriate. I’ve been using NV for over 15 years and have not had a “trial balance” other than the financials.

I spoke with Martin this week and suggested that the script be modified to not include the “total accounts” from within the current report on the trial balance report. They will need to include accoutns such as AR and AP which are likely total accoutnts that are from outside this report. I believe this will allow the user to print two or more reports that will be your “trial balance”. If you print it to Excel, you can rearrange it in Excel to fit into one report.
Perhaps the script can be further modified to ask which reports to include to produce one trial balance report.

Here’s hoping they can figure a way to accommodate this method of maintaining the books.