Ah – Not to step on anyone toes – Unless the printer is specifically listed for “line printing” or DOS, then not likely it will work. Most of the newer printers (including laser) use a graphics method.

However it is a good idea to try!
AND You can find more help in Windows on this command by searching “NET USE LPT1” from the “START => HELP and SUPPORT”

You should use the command with “back slashes”
NET USE LPT1 \MyComputerPrinterShareName

the “MyComputer” can also be the IP Address of the Computer.
Additionally you must be certain the network printer is allowed to share.

And oh-by-the-way, you should NOT have a local printer using LPT1


HMah wrote:
> If you have setup up a Network printer than as long as it will
> print dos documents NV can print to it.
> Assign the Network printer to LPT1 using the command:
> net use lpt1: //(network computer)/(printer name)

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