From the Payroll > USA Payroll folder on the explorer tree select the Advanced Tab button > Payroll Report Codes. Fill in the suffixes and account names required as per the NV2 Manual.

Once done, click back to the Employees tab button and select List and then block the employees. Issue Print > Payroll Report. Select the quarter and use the following template:


Double click on the template value field or press F3 to select.

The slot names for this template is based on the setup of the USA Demobooks in NewViews 2.0 > Demobooks. Mimic the Payroll Report codes from the demo_usa.nv2 books to match your books and the template payroll_us_form941_info.xls will work for you.

You can also read up in the NV2 manual on how to customize a 941 template for your use.

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