Yes the ZERO cheque works – but not for the reasons you describe. Or perhaps you / I are suggesting something different?

The Zero cheque can be used – providing the negative amount remains. Then the zero cheque is compliant. However if you issue a zero cheque, and remove the negative amount / the offset to the payroll account is not correct. In this context – I was suggesting the zero cheque is not GAAP

Personally I think it would be much simpler to write a small procedure that allows you to ignore cheques the printing of any cheques – under a certain “pre defined amount” – Do you really want to issue cheques for 0.34 cents ?

Lettmee see if I can come up with something simple on this. Where you can run it after parsing the cheque template where you could predefine a minimum amount or else the printing is skipped.

It should take only a few lines of code.