Thank you, solved both my queries – how to get into the screen for setup all paycodes and to resolved my out of balance issue (it was in the payroll).

I was able to verify that all payroll codes were set up equally. Only concern that I have is that when I “copy an existing employee’s” records to a new employe, the codes are not copied over, ie total tos; whether or not pay codes are subject to EI/CPP/Tax, etc. even the WCB codes weren’t copied. I was under the impression that these are copied from one employee to another and I had to then only change the amounts.

Being able to get into the expand accounts > payroll > canada Then in the top blue panel select accounts “setup – all paycodes made it easy to verify that the set ups are correct. Next payday will tell me if the Medical Benefits is now working without doubling up on EI/CPP amounts.

Thanks again 🙂