I see !

Depending on how much time it takes your client currently to do all this manually, I would suggest perhaps a “VB EXE” Program external to NewViews to track Store Employee Purchases with a formula of loan repayments. It is much more easy to automate such things in an executable program. Of course this could run multi user, and in windows. Then have the program prepare the correct “import file” to put on the Notes View of the Pay Run.

The real question is the cost effectiveness. IE / Cost of the programs VS Employee’s time to make payroll each week. If the “Pay back” time is relatively short, it might be worthwhile.

If it was my client, AND with many assumptions (on my part) – I would be inclined to suggest . . . .
Assuming enough employees, there is some type of “smart cash registers”?
Which can track Employee Clock Times?
And/Or Employee Store Purchases?
and outputs to some type of “file or database”?
Or a punch clock that outputs Employee Hours?

Then the EXE Program could collect the data ,and accumulate / massage it to produce Summary Totals, combined with a loan repayment factor – and Manual Adjustments. Then Build this into a NewViews File for importing.
Such a program could also handle new employees, Employee Information, Employee Loans.

A Control program for NewViews might be required depending on how complex the information stream is and what you want it to do.

Given that there are 60 or so employees, – its something to think about :-)
Needless to say – we build such customized toys !! (my shameless plug)

Regards, David

HMah wrote:

> The deductions I refer to are Store Charges and other purchases
> from a company store and to be deducted from the employee pay.
> There are also loans and the repayment will vary depending on
> the hours worked.