When paying multiple invoices, the system usually prints the cheque and voids cheques subsequent to it when needed.

Currently when we know we are paying suppliers with multiple invoices, we make the destination to display, so that the check stub is sent to excel; at which point the cheque and the stub is adjusted manually. As we’ve noticed that too many cheques are voided when we pay 30 or 40 invoices.

We also tried only ‘posting’ the payment of the multiple invoices instead of ‘posting and printing’; then we went to the bank payment journal and tried to print the cheque. Same result.

This only happens when we are paying more than 7 invoices on 1 check; and this happens several times a week.

Is there a more efficient way of doing this? Printing the check without the stub details and then printing the stub alone or separate form the physical cheque stub on a regular sheet of paper?