There are two rules I always try to follow –
1 – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it !
2 – Just because I can – doesn’t mean I should !

All of these things you speak about, could be done quicker, easier and with a much lower learning curves outside of NewViews. But if they’re happy with the current method . . . . . see my 2 rules above :~)

However with 60 employees, they should start considering soon, things like “smart badges” – for Time Collection, Cash Register Id, Security, Electronic Inventory, Bar Card Readers – etc – etc.
While NewViews is still the best accounting program I’ve seen todate, it falls woefully short on the “modern world of peripherals”

My niche – is simple, connecting the outside world – to the best accounting package.
IE – nvPRNq (ha – again I got my plug in !! )

>They prefer this method because the deductions are in one area and easily reviewed. In addition there is a code for each employee and they rarely miss an employee deduction.
>Thanks for you input David.
Not a problem !!
Suggesting upgrades to your client (with or without me) just might be a great sales/upgrade opportunity – just waiting for you to explore!

We need to think outside the box, every now and then !