thanks for the reply DParfett.

i read through the forums and investigated the ide driver issue the other day. all of our desktops are running clean installs of xp sp2 with intel ide controller card drivers.

so, i’ve tested nv2 on our current application server. the deets:

dual intel xeon 3GHZ processors
dual 10K RPM 72GB SCSI HDD’s in raid1 array
windoze server 2003

client desktops:
intel p4 3GHZ proc
unknown size/speed IDE HDD’s
win XP SP2

so…still incredibly, unusably, unbearably slow. when opening a 3 pane view of our accounts payable, the line item(?) amounts need to refresh. this can take between 30-45 seconds. each time you scroll to another account, you wait again. very often scrolling causes the application to hang for literally a minute, two at most. no good man.

all of our other server side applications (SQL, dispatch software, etc) were shutdown or were idling with no clients connected. my next set of troubleshooting will include killing all but the most essential processes before testing. also i’ll run nv2 in single user mode on the server for analysis. am doing this tomorrow afternoon. anyhow, running perfmon on the server shows that it is bogging down under pagefile usage and disk queue times. this would seem to indicate that perhaps nv2 is sucking up all 4GB of ram and causing winderz to rely heavily on the virtual memory available in the form of the swap or pagefile, causing the heavy disk queue times.

is the software really that huge a ram hog? or is it punishing those 10K RPM SCSI hdds so hard that the pagefile is responding slower than it would? if there is sufficent ram, win doesn’t access the pagefile, was what i thought…

also, what about running a server-based application as a service, the way MOSt are run?

thanks again for the reply. the sense of urgency or anger that may be conveyed in this post (or maybe in the somewhat ignorant ferris bueller post <g/>” title=”<g>” class=”bbcode_smiley” />) is a result of us already having gone live with this software, without warning being made to me or any testing done in advance. we need to sort it out fast.</p>

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