Re: USB Printers

We’ve found that a USB connnection to the printer is not the end of the road for DOS printing.

I personally setup an HP 1000 via USB cable and it worked 1st time with DOS/NV. Before doing this I studied the HP web-site for info on DOS printing and followed the instructions I found there. (And they were simple – no hocus-pocus.)

In support we’ve had success with USB printers by using the “NET USE” command.

The type of connection (USB, Parallel, Serial, Infrared, etc.) is not the issue – these are:

1 – Whether the printer will understand output from a DOS program (see other posts about this.)

2 – Connecting to the printer. This is now quite simple on NT family systems (NT, 2000, XP) using the NET USE command.

Last point on the connection issue: If you think about it, when printing to a network/shared printer attached to another computer, your connection to the the ‘printer’ is a network cable – parallel/USB doesn’t even come into the mix.