First you can run the current NewViews in Win XP without any changes.

Secondly you can export “Reports”, and “Ledger Entries” to excel in different manners.

To send a report to excel, change your Print Options (/ P O) and set the File Name to something like C:IS, or C:INCSTM, whatever makes sense.
then print the document / P D.

When you Open the File in excel, you will have to change File Origin to DOS or OS/2 (PC8). then the report should appear in excel. You will also have to modify the Total’s since the numbers will be correct, but not as a formula.

To export Ledger entries, block them and use the EXPTRANS procedure. again sending them to a filename you can find. Open in excel as explained for the reports.

You can reverse the process and import Transactions back to NewViews as well. However, the file must be saved as a CSV file.