I have tried Apply Deposits and Apply Payments from the Bank Deposits Journal and the Bank Payments Journal and both work correctly in 2.22.3.

I have also tried Apply > Deposits and Apply > Payments in the bank account and both work perfectly.

I do recall that neither worked correctly in 2.15.X (?) but now in 2.22.3 both scripts are working correctly.

I used Apply Deposits with the following options:

1. *HOLD*
2. No
3. warning and errors
4. Reference
5. No and Ye

I also used the above options with Apply Payments.

What version of NV2 are you using. Upgrade to the current version (2.22.3) and retry again. Review Help > About in your NV2 books to review your current NV2 version.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me at schapple@qwpage.com

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