Some of our sets of books are postivively labyrinthine, going back to the 80’s, with lots of retired journals and about 8,000 accounts.

Is there a report I can generate showing me all my accounts and what I have ATYPED them to before I convert?

It would be great to have a way to double-check my work before what will most likely be a week-long import/conversion process. I would hate to have to go through the whole conversion again, because I had mistyped a few of our 8,000 accounts, and once I’m in NV2 I can’t change their typing.

On that subject, are there plans for enabling us to change the ATYPE of an account that already has postings in it, at some point in the future? That kind of flexibility – that currently allows us change any transaction, account name, account normal balance, report structure, and so forth – is a NV signature. Can it apply to Atypes as well?!?