I too, would like a way to upload from Excel into NV1 for our credit card transactions. Bank of America offers to download data as:
1) statement download for Money 2006 and above;
2) WEB Connect for Quicken 2006 and above;
3) .QIF
4) .QIF (with 2-digit year)
5) Comma deliminated

I can use (5) Comma delimited export format to go from Bank of America statements to an Excel spreadsheet to re-arrange the columns and add our cross-accounts, but how should I export to NewViews?

I used to
a) export that updated file from Excel into ascii
b) upload that into a program called Framework where I could add musical note characters and diamonds then resave in ascii
c) open the file in Edline, remove the header, save, then
d) import the file into NV1 as a CTRL-C file.

******* (Complicated is always more fun than straight input) ******

Framework (by Ashton Tate) no longer survives. So now I input the credit card transactions. But I think many old users, would like to be able to concoct a way to export from Excel to ascii to NV1.

Can you give us a hint?