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    Now days we can get bank transactions from online banking. If this data
    can be used, it can prevent entering data for the whole year in New views,
    only ‘editing’ will be left.

    This can help:

    1)For bank reconcilations
    2)Data imported in new views in the Bank account and posting all entries to
    a suspense account. Later on account posting changed individualy and
    name added. (Date, chq#, amt imported)
    3)Scanning Bank statements and converting it to digital form (say excel),
    and importing this in new views as mentioned in 2) above.

    Can someone tell me if any of the 3 scenario’s mentioned above are
    possible ? Is possible to ‘import’ this data in new views??
    (using windows 2000)

    Thank you

    P Dhillon


    Ah – a question for me !!

    Certainly information – banking or otherwise can be imported / exported to and from NewViews. I regularly create custom procedures to do many various things for clients.

    While both are possible – I would choose “download a file” over “scan a document” for several reasons.

    Downloading your banking information would be much cleaner than “scanning the paper statement” I’ve yet to see a scanner work with documents and not need “extra editing”. Have you tried to “scan” one of your bank statements? Do you get lots of @@@ ?

    In the past – I’ve created a “download” account – and the distributions – are each batch. Posting is done directly to the account – then you only have to “cut & paste” items to the bank (or finial destination) – the main question is, create new accounts – when they don’t exist ?

    Regardless of what method chosen – Download, Scanning, extract from Excel –
    The normal solution is a front end exe (executable) program, to fetch, filter, create a suitable import file for NewViews – and then the NewView’s procs necessary to import the and process the file.

    Hope this help to answer your questions.


    I too, would like a way to upload from Excel into NV1 for our credit card transactions. Bank of America offers to download data as:
    1) statement download for Money 2006 and above;
    2) WEB Connect for Quicken 2006 and above;
    3) .QIF
    4) .QIF (with 2-digit year)
    5) Comma deliminated

    I can use (5) Comma delimited export format to go from Bank of America statements to an Excel spreadsheet to re-arrange the columns and add our cross-accounts, but how should I export to NewViews?

    I used to
    a) export that updated file from Excel into ascii
    b) upload that into a program called Framework where I could add musical note characters and diamonds then resave in ascii
    c) open the file in Edline, remove the header, save, then
    d) import the file into NV1 as a CTRL-C file.

    ******* (Complicated is always more fun than straight input) ******

    Framework (by Ashton Tate) no longer survives. So now I input the credit card transactions. But I think many old users, would like to be able to concoct a way to export from Excel to ascii to NV1.

    Can you give us a hint?

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