Ah – a question for me !!

Certainly information – banking or otherwise can be imported / exported to and from NewViews. I regularly create custom procedures to do many various things for clients.

While both are possible – I would choose “download a file” over “scan a document” for several reasons.

Downloading your banking information would be much cleaner than “scanning the paper statement” I’ve yet to see a scanner work with documents and not need “extra editing”. Have you tried to “scan” one of your bank statements? Do you get lots of @@@ ?

In the past – I’ve created a “download” account – and the distributions – are each batch. Posting is done directly to the account – then you only have to “cut & paste” items to the bank (or finial destination) – the main question is, create new accounts – when they don’t exist ?

Regardless of what method chosen – Download, Scanning, extract from Excel –
The normal solution is a front end exe (executable) program, to fetch, filter, create a suitable import file for NewViews – and then the NewView’s procs necessary to import the and process the file.

Hope this help to answer your questions.