Hi Martin, I had originally installed NV2 to c:nv2 which during last year changed to d:nv2 then finally to e:nv2, after adding two new hard drives. Of which I tried to copy back to c:nv2 but to no avail would not recognize registration. So I kept a desktop shortcut to e:nv2 nv20, and have used this since then. After installing 2.08 sp17 to e:nv2, everything was fine. My Apr10,2007 cutoff date which has been now updated and purchased on July 5 or 6th. the help file on the workstation still only shows registered to Apr10,2007 even after trying to install 2.08 sp18. Also if I try to copy the nv2 folder to c:nv2 and run the executable, it continues to say not registered, regardless of the licensing.