If you cannot enter your application database from your current workstation then I suggest that you restore a workstation backup and then enter the application database. If you do not have a workstation backup, rename your current workstation.nv2 file and then double click on your workstation icon on your desktop which will prompt you to create workstation.nv2. Click OK and then insert a new row on your new workstation and press F3 under the file column and select your application database.

To solve your out of balance problem, I suggest you select the following:

In version 2.15 select NVCheck > Repair > Account Histories

In version 2.16 select Database Utilities > Reorganize > Account History

Remember you need to select the correct application database to perform the above tasks on.

I suggest that you download and install the latest version of NV2 which is 2.16.3 from http://www.qwpage.com or http://www.newviews.com

Regards to All,