Click on NewViews > Account > Accounts Receivable and window select Customer Information Views (on the top right blue table). Right mouse click on this blue table and click on View > Mailing Address.

Right mouse click again on the blue table (which now shows the address information for each account) > View > Analysis > Column Setup > Edit Settings. Press F3 in the value field next to Index and click Debit. Enter your column Begin and End Dates.

Right mouse click again and click View > Analysis > Representation > Periodic.

Note: if more than one column appears on the table, right mouse click View > Analysis > Resolution > Year.

You can move these columns by holding down the Ctrl Key and the arrow keys at the same time. Also, you can delete unwanted columns by holding the Ctrl key and the Delete key at the same time.

Once you have the table, right mouse click Print > All.