To print reports, you can use the REPORT procedure. Issue /Go runProc REPORT and press enter on Global Settings and type the name of the Company you will be printing reports for. The company information that you had entered in Global Settings will be used each time you run the procedure REPORT. Make sure Local footings and Local Headings are set to No.

To print Ledgers, you can use the procedure PRTLEDG which is included on productivity disk #3. It is like PRTACCTS but it’s template driven which means you can type anything you want (like Company Information) in a non repeating item area. At the top of ~LDG1A.TPL you can enter your company information and then issue /Go runProc PARSE and select ~LDG1A.TPL to save your changes. PRTLEDG comes with 4 templates that can be modified or copied to create new templates. Here is the list of templates:

~LDG2A.TPL ~PRTLEDG Dr & Cr cols, pg 1
~LDG2B.TPL ~PRTLEDG Dr & Cr cols, pg 2+
~LDG1A.TPL ~PRTLEDG std ledger, pg 1
~LDG1B.TPL ~PRTLEDG std ledger, pg 2+