HMah wrote:

> I’ve got an HP 2175 usb printer connected and have just printed
> financial stmts from NV.
I’m glad its working well for you :-) Next week – I will return to complete the work on it – so that the Bells & Whisles are included.

> Did you setup nvPRNq and define where it’s to find nv
> documents? In addition you must change your Print Options
> Filename to something like:
> The c:nvque is default directory where nvPRNq finds the documents
> The DOCU.PRN is telling nv to print to the filename

Uh – the SETPRNQ procedure will do this for you. And it will also create the 2 NV Print drivers (if they don’t exist) ASCIIQ and NOFORMQ. If they are deleted, they can easily be recreated by running the SETPRNQ. So if you think the drivers are giving you a problem – delete them, then run the SetPrnQ.

While I don’t think it will help – you could use any NV Print driver by copying the ASCIIQ Setup String “1A A5 4E 56 41 30 30 31 34 32 35 1B” (it can vary from system to system) and append this to any other Print Driver Setup String. (But I think that I digress too far into the details:-) However, this is unsupported.

I would like all my processes at the NV level to be as open and transparent as possible. All the NV Procedure code for the nvPRNq.exe will be “Open Source” and I would hope that other programmers begin to use it, too !!