Thanks for the input – but I have a few questions?
HMah wrote:

> Hi David:
> I found the installation very easy, but would suggest the following:
> 1. Have it create an Icon on the Windows desktop
The program will make a “desktop shortcut” for you. When the shortcut does not exist – then in the bottom left corner there is a button “Make Shortcut”

> 2. Have it default to “Monitor On”
Uh – the program monitors – when ever it is running.
Sometimes it is “slow to start, if newviews is started before the nvPRNq. But this is for technical reasons and because of how newviews works.

I could have it “Autoload” when Windows starts up, and also I could have it reduce to the “Icon Tray” instead of the Task Bar. There are also built in options to have it start and run invisble. (but its really hard to close afterward – only from the Task Manager)

> 3. Set the timer to default to the Minimum delay before checking folder and printing.
Hmm – many computer are not as fast, as what we use.
But perhaps a “menu” to change / set the options would be more helpful?

And – do I want the “Demo” to run as fast as possible ?
OR lock it to a 10 second delay?

Thanks for the input – it gives me a few ideas for a smoother use !!