I have downloaded the file nvPRNqDemo, I followed all the instructions including the detail notes. I have also read most of the messages re printing from NV. Sadly no success.Perhaps you can help.
I try to print a report from NV using the usual commands. Some success here as the procedure seems to be printing but nothing appears on either printer(Printers are connected to the network not hanging from a workstation) I have tried the suggestions, close & go in again, no success.
I looked at the file name in Print Options which says: C:nvquenewell~2.PRN. I think thats the problem because when I check the C drive, directory NV there is nothing called newell~2.PRN.
All other files mentioned in the detail notes are present.
Some background
The NV application files are on each workstation ie drive C:. The data files for NewViews sit on the Server in a Directory called s:TempNewvie~1*.*
I am trying to print documents from s:TempNewvie~1Newell~1.
I am stuck, we have 5-6 machines that could use this procedure, I suppose a licence fee will apply.
Tom Hyland