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I am surprised that using the same printer, now does not print with WINXP? Of course I presume you can print other documents using this printer?

Yes, nvPRNq would solve the problem. And you may want to consider using it, if you want to use a Non DOS Printer, Network Printer, Infrared, USB Ports – etc OR want enhanced features – such as spooling for large or many documents. For DOS capable printers, nvPRNq is not required.

However having NO output problems is usually a question of the configuration. Either from NewViews or Windows. Inside NewViews – any / all print drivers will output something. The NewViews driver’s simply make the style, layout – text look more presentable and or activate special features of the printer. .
A simple test – using any text file AND from a DOS Window enter the command

PRINT C:MyTestFile.txt

And IF your windows configuration is correct – it will print the file.
Then the NewViews configuration is not correct and you need to target the output to the Printer Port. In the /PO (print options) “File Name” should be one of the following

Blank – no text
The colon depends on your windows. In some cases (but rare) it could be LPT2.

Hope this helps

MFlanagan wrote:
> I lost printing capability when I migrated to XP (same printer) recently. Stand alone, no network.
> I could never send reports through infrared though (win98).
> I beleive it is an XP problem.
> In summary it looks like I must try the ascii or noform printer
> choices, failing that printing to a PRN file and printing it
> afterwards, or use nvPRNq.
> Right?