There are three suggestions that I have:

1. Restore a backup of your books that does not have this problem. You should be rotating your backups. Do not overwrite your current data!

2. Do not use the books until the actual date (todays date or system date) catches up with this future date.

3 Upload your books for us to review and we will provide you an estimate of the cost to repair this problem. You can upload books to:


Also, send an email to support@qwpage.com indicating that the books have arrived (the filename) and quote this forum entry.

In NV2, the audit trail can answer the who, what, when, and where questions related to created, changed, and deleted transactions. The system date of the machine is used to record the audit entry. If a user where to maliciously alter transactions that have occured and decided to alter the system date of the current machine being used to the past, they will not succeed because of the system date being prior to the current audit trail date. This is a security feature of NV2 which is very useful in a multiuser environment and of course auditing.

It is very important to verify that the current system date and time is correct on your system.