HI Dmitri,

I’m glad you like the program. The SQL Builder requires that you have SQL Server installed, and most people don’t. So it has been removed from the program. However you can always “UPSCALE” the Access Database ( if you have SQL Server). Ah, yes we always overwrite the “local mdb” file. Perhaps we should give users a choice? It was designed this way because the expectation is Users would “link” to the nv.mdb, and not use it directly. Otherwise the “automation” features become really difficult to manage.

For example – a company uses the database for a Sales Order Taking application of Widgets. Widgets may come in many colors and sizes. NewViews only cares about the money (of the order) however all the other details could be used by the Sales People, the Factory, Multi-Users, etc. If the name of the nv.mdb kept changing, then all the other programs using this dB would always be in a constant state of change. We expect the nv.mdb to be updated everyday from NewViews, but the data should never be altered directly.

So from a management point of view,
– Export data from NewViews
– Build an Access MDB File
– Connect Access, Excel, or EXE programs to the nv.mdb
– Use an other program/mdb to save all the changes
– Import the financial changes back into NewViews
– Begin the Export process again.

This way you really have a multi-user system working with the NewViews books. A great way to manage Inventory, Sales, Quotes, Shop Orders or Time & Billing take your pick.

Given that NV2 will require licences for each workstation, and in a company where there could be lots of users, many of the features and techniques from the dbBuilder could be used here, to save many costs for clients.

If you have any other suggestions, I like to hear them.