Hi Dmitri,
You can down load the Nv Library from this link.


Paste in to your internet browser window, and then “Save” the file. Please put it into any directory and unzip it and then from NewViews, import the library (GETLIB) and then run “_Export”.

The purpose of this program is to export all the data from any set of books, and then use an other one of my programs will build this into an MS Access database. A beta of the dB Builder is also available.

The files are exported as Comma Delimited Text. Simply change the ending from “*.txt” to “*.csv” to import them. Excel can also link or import *.txt or *.csv files.

While you may not require it, I have a program that will correctly parse the files for such items that are not acceptable to Excel or Access – such as the single double quote. That alone, really screws up the import. YOU should use the parser, I found it to be necessary for most books.
You can download the Parser program (also beta & free) from


The parser includes the Nv Library files. The programs are fully tested, but there still may be a bug or two. Please let me know if you have any problems. Thanks.

The export program does not make any changes inside your books and is 100% safe to run. By default, everything is exported to a directory called IMEX.

The NV History is found in the nvREPT.txt files. However you will need to read your users manual to understand how all the columns work to give the Monthly Balances. Column FA0 is the Current Balance (See NV User’s Guide Pg 247)

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me here or directly at david@ica.net Feedback would be nice to have, thanks.


PS – any one else is also welcome to try the programs too.

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