The above script reset the windowing structure of the application database. Your other application databases are not affected.

You can restore the workstation prior to doing the database_id_set.qw_script and continue. The problem with the workstation you had uploaded had each account and report set as a separate instance explorer (independant of each other). Did you set this up on your own?

In converting your application database to 2.15.0, we’ve noticed that you have a bank journal setup under NewViews > Journal > Bank that is not a Deposit or a Payment journal. What type of journal is this? Should it be a Bank Deposit or Bank Payment journal or a General Journal? The 2.15.0 version will be disallowing journals that do not fit in Bank > Deposit or Bank > Payment. Could this journal be moved to NewViews > Journal > General?

If the journal is moved to Newviews > Journal > General, there may be a way of saving your original workstation from not disappearing when perform File > Exit NewViews.

Let me know.

Regards to all,