I restored the workstation.nv2 file

I looked to see if the notes I had entered were still there and yes they were.

I exited and lost the explorer.

I restored again the workstation.nv2 file.

I removed the notes and copied them under the /ACCOUNT folder exited, and the explorer was gone again.

I restored again the workstation.nv2 file.

I went into the books. I did not do anything and I exited. And everything was fine.

I made of new copy of workstation.nv2, since that one is good now. Went back, looked at the notes and exited. It was fine.

Back to the books, edited the notes. Exited and it worked again. The notes are now located in hew /ACCOUNT folder.

Went back to /OBJECT – Notes. Entered a few lines. Exited. And “The axplorer disappeared”.

Restored the workstation.nv2 again. Removed the notes under /OBJECT, exited. The explorer was gone.

Restored the workstation.nv2 again. Went back. Exited. It is fine.

So, it looks like placing or editing notes under /OBJECT is making the explorer disappear in my books.