What version of NV2 are you running? Click Help > About to confirm the NewViews version and service pack under NewViews Program.

I have attempted to duplicate your problem and have noticed a problem thus:

If I enter notes in any notes view and click the X button on the Workstation window the notes entered appear on return into the application database but then disappear after the loading application data message disappears.

If I enter notes in any notes view and perform one of the following and exit from the workstations close button

File > Save
Close the application database by clicking on the X button of the books window

The notes entered remain upon entering the application database (books).

I cannot however make the database explorer disappear. Just the notes entered. I have traced this problem back to 2.08.18. How many database explorers do you have open in your application database and how different application databases to you have open from your workstation. Are you running in multiuser?

Regards to all,