Copy the workstation database folder from one machine to another machine. The folder within C:/NV2/WORKSTATION/ contains the users windowing system for a particular set of books. For example:

If user GREEN has been given access to the books in K:NV2MYBOOKS on one machine and the default setup has been completed with the windows setup in the books the way user GREEN wishes, you can then copy the workstation folder from C:/NV2/WORKSTATION from the current machine to the target users machine and have that user access C:/NV2/WORKSTATION on their machine. The same workstation table will appear on the target users machine and when the user enters the books, the books windowing system will appear as it it did on the first machine.

You can also paste the workstation folder to a different location on the target users machine and have NV2 access that particular workstation by altering the target path in the icon properties of the NV2 Workstation icon. Let’s says you had copied the WORKSTATION folder above to the target user machine but pasted the workstation folder in C:/GREEN/WORKSTATION, in the icon properties of the NV2 workstation icon, change the target under shortcut to this:

C:nv2nv20.exe -directory c:/green/workstation

See the NewViews 2.05 manual in regards to The Workstation > Running More than one workstation.