Hi, I am having problems finding the imported books. I think I need to call tomorrow.Here is the background.We purchased 6 licences, used 5, have not registered Server yet.One client has a large set of books, located on his site.He has downloaded and paid for 3 licences, name Newell.
I decided to do the import/export on my own laptop as a test.I have registered the workstation. However I also downloaded a 2nd NV2 on this laptop which I do not plan to register. So first I need to get rid of the 2nd version — How?.
In my tests I also set up my registered copy as a server and offered the Demo books, so that I could do same for client.I imagine I also need to get rid of that facility. Pls tell me how?. Later this month I plan to download a Server version to our Server.
I exported the set of books after eliminating errors and ran ATYPE/TATYPE, time 3 hrs+.Import to NV2 went fine, no probs. time 27 hours after compressing all data prior to 01 Sept 2005(year end 31 Aug).Import facility said NV2 which is correct.
I cannot find the imported set of books.

Launch NewViews2 Workstation, enter workstation password.
I get Line, Server,Directory, User(administrator)
Press Insert and look for NV1 Import(no luck). I can see Demo books, cannot see any databases. I also looked in 2nd NV2 installation, just in case.
I also typed in path c:/NV2/NV1 Imort and c:/NV2/Newell05, nothing, cannot find.
I checked with Win Explorer and could not find anything that looks like NV1, newell or anything that looks like what I need.

I have just read the text file in NV2 called NV1_Nv2. This is dated 04 Sept and time 122 hours. This is an old import I did without compression. No sign of NV1_NV2 for 13 Sept 2005 at 27 hours.Perhaps this is my problem.