To delete an NV2 installation, use windows explorer and right mouse click on the installation folder on the root of the particular hard drive and click delete. Go to your Recycle Bin icon on your desktop where you will see the delete folder and delete the folder from the recycle bin. Note: Make sure that you do not have a window menu NewViews 2.0 from your Windows > Start > All Programs > NewViews 2.0 pointing to this installtion. If so delete it from the menu by right mouse click delete on NewViews 2.0 (also delete from Recycle Bin).

To make the NV2 server stop offering the demo books, go to the NV2 server and on the top window pane you will see an entry (or row) pertaining to the demo books being offered. Click on that row and press Ctrl+Y (or right mouse click on a cell in that row and plus on Edit and click Delete) and Yes to delete the item from the database.

The files database.* are NV2 database files. The files datad.nv, datac.nv, datae.nv, and datap.nv are NV1 files (datad.nv is the NV1 books). NVCOPY belongs to NV1 (backup and restore program). The NV1_NV2 files where created when running NVEXPORT from NV1. These files are used when running NV1 Import from the NewViews 2.0 menu.