When you download I suggest saving to a specific directory on your hard drive, Such as “nvpay”.

1. At the point of the download when it says OpenSave, select save.
2. At the next screen click the Down Arrow, then Click C drive.
3. When the C drive is displayed, click the top Icon for “New Folder”
4. Type over New Folder with ie: nvpay
5. Click OK
6. When download is complete open Explorer and find the directory “nvpay”
7. The file in there will be your serial number
8. Double Click the file
9. 5 other files will be created.
10. Now copy these files to your NV directory or a Floppy disk.
11. If you copied them to your nv directory, start nv
12. Run GETLIB and type NV1PRCD1 (OR 2 for accrual), Enter
13. The version should show 47 for accrual and I believe 51 for cash.