These are the most common problems we solve when users have difficulty downloading their payroll update:

– The file is saved to the wrong place, ie: not the NewViews program directory. Then, when you log into the correct directory, the file either isn’t there, or *last year’s* version is there and they mistakenly execute it. The result in the latter case is reinstalling last year’s payroll.

– They change the name of the file in the “Save In” dialog, and then don’t remember the name. Now it is truly lost and you have to download again.

– The file is saved to the desktop – and when you double-click it the files are extracted, but to where? Probably some path that starts with “Documents and Settings …”

– It’s fatal to navigate the “Save In” dialog to the NewViews Directory and then double-click on the NV program file. That causes the downloaded file to replace NV.EXE – and your NewViews will no longer run at all (you have to reinstall it.)

– They save the file to last year’s payroll update disk, then GETLIB the library as usual. The result is last year’s payroll again.

– All goes well, but the books are on a network drive and NewViews is installed on multiple local drives. When another user opens the books and tries to run payroll they get the incompatible version error because the books expect the current version of payroll, but last year’s version is what is in their program directory. (Solution – copy the three library files *from* the 1st computer to the NV program directory of each other machine.)

It would be nice if we could make the process simpler, but we really can’t (this is DOS after all.) Supplying more instructions would probalby be counter-productive – the longer they get the more people are less likely to read them.

Bottom line – if you have a problem, don’t get get frustrated – call Support.