Dear Goolam,

Sorry for the delay. I was promissed that a fix would be forth coming and my current information is Monday Jan Feb 26, 2007.

To get the correct YTD numbers, run PRREPORT in a summary with the dates of
(1) March 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006. Do the same for
(2) January 1 to February 28, 2007.

I suggest that you copy your current template by doing /BI to file name and then create a new template with the description ~PRREPORT and then expand into the notes view and cursor down and then /Block Import the file name you had export to. Save all of the details from @ENDPAGE down to @ENDTABLE. and delete the lines above. Insert some blank lines awith the following in it:



PARSE the template and use it to get your balances for (1) and (2) above. I would set the file name in your print options to a name that doesn’t exist and then run PRREPORT twice. Each has a different file name.

Open a spreadsheet on your system and import both files and then merge the numbers for both spreadsheets to one and use the sp[preadsheet to sum the totals.
Use delimited and use as a delimited other character along with Tabs. This will separate the data into differnet coloumns.

Note, you can get more information in the above template by adding more slot names.

Sorry for the delay and I’ll post the programmers fix for the YTD totals here on February 26, 2007.