There are many posts listing nv2 concerns.
Specifically: Speed. I’ve found that entering data in nv2 is a slower process than with nv1. This is because of the macro feature of nv1. Creating macros in nv1 eliminated alot of work and make tedious tasks simple. nv2 does not currently offer the same flexibility and it’s like going back to pressing nv1 slash commands to alot of the work. The type ahead in nv1 cannot be used in nv2. nv2 does indexing which causes delays in screen changes.
I’ve found that nv2 is missing some features (at least one’s my clients need). Mainly Accrual payroll, bank reconciliation problem, thought payroll is improved there are short-comings: calculating one employee cheque, not being able to print directly after calculating and ROE calculation.
Also look at the “List of Suggestions”