It is unfortunate, since I am having an extra difficulty when printing a report to Excel.

If I print to Excel just to reprint from Excel as is, this is fine. But, in my Excel, the numbers are “text”. So I cannot use a formula, unless I convert each “TextNumber” to “Number”, in each cell, which is annoying each time. It is not practical.

I have not tried to resolve that issue in Excel. I suspect that I might be able to resolve it by changing some settings in Excel or Windows. But at this point, I would prefer to have it easy.

A few years back I had raised a similar problem with Excel and printing invoices.

Note that I use a french version of Excel. At that time it was about printing invoices, which I could not do, and which I still cannot do. but since I print only a handful number of invoices every month, it was not a big issue for me. And it is still not an issue.