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    In a custom analysis, we can add columns of these types:

    percent change
    percent of
    percent of account
    actual minus budget
    budget minus actual

    What if I wanted to add calculations as we could in nv1? Is it possible?

    Or, what if I would like to have a per month value. With a date range of Jan 1, 2012 – Sep 30, 2012, I would like to be able to create a column that would take the dollar value for the period and divide it by 9 to show the global amount per month.


    It is not possible in NV2 to add a special calculations column like you could do with the NV1 report procedure. Set the columns in NV2 and then print all and set the Destination to display and add the columns in the displayed Excel spreadsheet or create a column for the full nine months and then print to excel and then use excel to divide the column by nine.

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    It is unfortunate, since I am having an extra difficulty when printing a report to Excel.

    If I print to Excel just to reprint from Excel as is, this is fine. But, in my Excel, the numbers are “text”. So I cannot use a formula, unless I convert each “TextNumber” to “Number”, in each cell, which is annoying each time. It is not practical.

    I have not tried to resolve that issue in Excel. I suspect that I might be able to resolve it by changing some settings in Excel or Windows. But at this point, I would prefer to have it easy.

    A few years back I had raised a similar problem with Excel and printing invoices.

    Note that I use a french version of Excel. At that time it was about printing invoices, which I could not do, and which I still cannot do. but since I print only a handful number of invoices every month, it was not a big issue for me. And it is still not an issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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