I just found a “bug” in the Bank Account ledger which may be part of the problem. It appears that this entry was corrupt when originally input. The book-keeper just left it there and started a new entry. It is an entry with a list of items in its details. I was trying to delete the incorrect entry and received the error message below.

Is there anyway to fix this?

Mary Ann

.text {Encountered bug “314120040608103759” while running “c:/nv/nv20.exe” ( on computer “sandy”.}
.help_id 314120050312171551
/bb {
.text {Error occurred in command:::qw::cpp::2 cpp_enter_event_loop}
/b8 {
.text {Error occurred in command:odb_commit {}}
/b7 {
.text {Could not commit /OBJECT/NEWVIEWS/SYSTEM/TRANSACTION/GENERAL/1185970193_66441.}
/b6 {
.text {Aborting database “e:/nv/tms” to maintain integrity.}
/ad {
.text {Could not insert a record in file “/odb/index/OBJECT/NEWVIEWS/ACCOUNT/GENERAL.postings.index/date/debit”.}
/ac {
.log {
.type bug
.date 20071104173142
.nameofexecutable c:/nv/nv20.exe
.hostname sandy
.stack {}
.bug_id 314120040608103759
.text {Database e:/nv/tms encountered an existing record with key “string 1137426725_340 tag financial date 20070812000000 string /1185970193_66441.posting/debit.account”.}
.priority bug
.priority ignore