We are a firm of accountants in Ireland. In 2002 we had to convert all NV1 data to EURO with a procedure from QWP. When I first ran the conversion procedure for NV2 I got 1500 errors. I soon discovered this was due to rounding errors conveting a 10 year period(to EUROS) on a big set of books.The only solution seemed to be; correct all the rounding errors, very time comsuming. That first conversion took 2 days. I now have that time down to 5 hours and nil errors.This is on a backup copy of the clients books. I now have to show the client how to manually fix all the rounding errors.
Any suggestions for a short cut on the rounding exercise?.( errors are all cents)

I have a few questions.
What classification is a loan accounr on Balance Sheet or Trial Balance. What is share capital, prior year adjustment,Profit or Loss on sale of asset,We have Bank as normal balance “credit” which I code to bank. This gives me a warning. I am aware of the “general” category but worried that overuse will cause problems in NV2.If I follow the QWP Conversion Plan do I have to ATYPE and TATYPE everything on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week. Is there any way I can convert the incremental entries/transactions only on weeks 2, 3 & 4.

Import into NV2.
What is this indexing stuff, I see nothing in the manual about indexing. The manual seems short on what you get after import into NV2.
The conversion now down to 5 hours. Ran the import into NV2 last night, still running after 12 hours. Am I doing something silly, no errors reported. All this work on a backup copy of the clients books. Now I have to show client how to follow the QWP Conversion Plan. He will go craxy having 5 hours conversion and perhaps 2 days import to NV2 and I still do not know what I will get once import is complete.I am zipping stuff on the import, leaving 4 years with all details.