Where these rounding errors found in an account on a journal report specified next to journals in the NVEXPORT prompt? Is this account a journal? If it is not a journal but was found on the journal report move it to another report and rerun NVEXPORT again.

The accounts you had mentioned are General Account types. If the account in question does not fall into one of the eight account types listed in ATYPE or TATYPE then it is a General account type. By default accounts that are not ATYPE’d are general accounts. You cannot overuse any account types.

The warning in regards to your bank account being a credit normal balance is just a warning. Usually bank accounts are debit normal balances. You can quickly change the normal balance in NV2.

Once the accounts have been ATYPE’d properly you do need to ATYPE them again. The conversion plan referring to the different weeks is referring to running NVEXPORT. NVEXPORT exports all transactions in the books, you cannot export weekly transactions to an existing NV2 database.

Information about indexing in NV2 can be found by reviewing the NewViews 2.04 manual and click on the search tab. Type indexes and press enter. You will see a list of manual pages below Select Topic which you click on to get information quickly about indexes on the particular page.

To make the NV1 Import shorter, set the transaction compression date to say Jan 1, 2005. This way only 8 months of transactions will import in full detail. You can decompress the past transactions later. I suggest that you have a gigabyte of RAM on your system.