OK here is the result of the test

computer p4 3.2e
1.5 g mem
MSI 865pe Neo2-v motherboard
HIS 9550 ATI Radeon video 256MB DDR
Segate 120G Hd

Win XP Pro
NV2 works ok except for a few bug errors

Win 2000 Pro Ver 5.00.2195
Re-formated Hd Installed win 2000 Pro
No drivers except the ones on the windows disk
Copied NV2 installation files
Tried again to install same error
I had created a backup of the NV2 dir and copied it back to the windows 2000 disk. I tries to run NV2 but all I get is a beep from the computer and a screen that flashs but I cannot see what it said. It flashs too fast.

Thomas Thibodeau