Thank you Martin. That’s good news.BUT – how do I ‘register’ the laptop? I have been using NV2 on my laptop as a Read-only to practice on the road. Do I now un-install that version? How?

And I’m having a whole other problem. Since I’ve been using NV1 for current accounting, and since I have updated now NVExport to 72 and the new NV2 Release, when I try to go through the whole Export/Import business again, nothing changes. NV2 is still importing and reading an April version of my books!

There are 2 NV1_NV2 files – one in the NV folder, one in the NV2 folder. Can I simply erase both these files and start again? Should I also just delete the April NV2 set of books?

How can I begin again so NV Export? Import? isn’t just re-doing old books.

And, finally, when I tried to do the whole thing with new NV2 release on my laptop (still intending at that time to practice with read-only), it came up “error” – some Control File was missing. That didn’t happen when I first exported/imported.