Yes. You can register through the internet. Click on register from the NewViews 2.0 windows Menu which will display a lock number on your screen. Leave this screen running until you have received a key number from Q.W. Page Associates Inc. Send a email to support@qwpage.com with the subject Registration Request. Include in your email the following details:

1. The lock number displayed on your screen.
2. Your first and last name.
3. The name of the company that purchased NV2.
4. The type of machine NV2 was installed on. For example:
a. A laptop machine
b. A desktop machine
c. A server machine.

5. Your NewViews for DOS serial number or your NV2 serial number which would have been provided at the time of purchase.

To obtain your NewViews for DOS serial number, go into your NV1 books and issue /Go runProc (/GR) SUPPORT and press enter. Your NewViews serial number will be displayed.

In regards to your workstation and server settings, I have answered your question in the NV2 in this forum under New NV2 User. You had asked the same question there.



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