Just opened NV2 and made sure that the 1 account that we locked down worked properly. It only works if we go through Account…Accounts Payable..to the supplier..all the way to the pink screen as we discussed yesterday.

When we go to the Purchase Invoice Journal to post, which is where we do our postings from, it doesn’t work; even though I’m pretty sure it did yesterday when we walked through it. I tried doing this as the Administator and a a regular user…neither works. Any ideas?

Also, if we get this to work, and in the future we need to change the ‘root’ account to be chosen, how can we undo what we’ve ‘locked’ and change it to another account…I forgot to ask you this yesterday.

I tried changing it through the same methodology as we discussed and it crashes NV2 as it did yesterday.

Please let me know if you know why it doesn’t allow the posting with the ‘locked’ account through the PI journal.