Click on NewViews > Report > PR-Closed in the tree explorer (left window pane) and window select Account Setup (top Blue Table). The title bar description will appear as /REPORT/PR-CLOSED – Account Setup. From this table you should see all of your employees that exist on this report.

Block the employee to be moved and then press F3 in the Report Columnof one of the blocked items. You should see Report PR as a choice as it is a separate report (not a sub report?) press enter and then ALT TF to move all of the blocked items to the PR Report. The items will appear at the bottom of the PR Report.

If the report PR is a sub report of another report then block the accounts as per above and then press F3 and when the select window report appears right mouse click on the Select Report window and click File > Sort > Select Index. Press F3 in value field of Index and click description_closure. You should see the sub report PR now. Click it and then ALT TF.