Run the procedure VIEWREC and and then /A to choose all accounts and then enter the appropriate account name and press enter. You will see and entry on record number 666666666 displaying the contents .nplclass with the ATYPE’d choice.

Under NewViews > Journal > General – right mouse click and select View > Amounts Only. For all other journals, click on a value on a column you wish to hide and then hold the control key and press the delete key at the same time. You will be prompted to remove the column from the table. I suggest that you save the default window layout with the F11 key first before removing. Click the New button and then type in an appropriate name.

Click on NewViews > Account and click the Accounts button and select Folder Management. Under the Type column for Payroll press F3 and select Hidden. Repeat this step for NewViews > Journal. Click the Journals button and select Folder Management.

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