There is a way – use a workstation only for Data Entry – and then batch to a real set of books. But such methods work well only in a VERY well controlled environment – and I strongly hesitate to recommend such tactics only because changes / errors are very VERY difficult to UnDo.

Soon a beta version of a controlled database <=> NewViews will be available. I’m in the last testing stages now. And it will easily allow Accounts Payable Multi User Entries and all users can see the changes immediately – but it is “Batch Update” to the NewViews books (because that is the way NewViews works)

As with most multi-user environments – Some type of information management must be in place, or the result is chaos. For Example – The AP entries must originate from NewViews or the Multi-user system – it should not be both.

However it is possible to have variations of a theme – but it should be controlled! For example, MU (Multi User) batch updates can be sent to NewViews – changes made to the AP – and overnight the MU is updated with changes from NewViews – such as Payments – etc. Then the oldest information might be 1 day old. Unless you’re doing the disbursements in MU also – then its all real time.

What I would like to see, is scanning payables – attaching the link to the correct AP – and when cheques are cut – all the scanned documents are linked to it – and sent to the Manager for approval. And with NV2 or my NV1.75 System – such would be possible.

(Oh-by-the-way) my system does not work without NewViews NV1.4


HMah wrote:

> By the way many clients do use a modified NV1 procedure EXPALLTR to accomplish many of the above, but there are several restrictions. The main problem is that the exported entries will be duplicated if you back date entries and try to copy prior period dates.
> The EXPALLTR would work if there was a method of recording the entries as they were being made, rather than search for them after.