Ok, this is now straightforward (sort of.)

What’s going on here is the NewViews program files (the ‘core’ NewViews, if you will) have a serial number embedded in them. But, it sounds like a productivity disk you installed is not serialized. Which PD Disk? That depends on what procedure you tried to run when you got the error message.

Background: The NV1 procedure library that comes with NewViews is not serialized. All Productivity Disk and Payroll libraries are though. And, when you run a procedure from one of these it will give you an error if the library’s serial number doesn’t match your NewViews program serial number. Also, an error message is displayed if the library disk you installed was not serialized – which sounds like the error you are getting.

In the long run you should do what the Error/Help say’s – contact Q.W.Page. They will sort you out in short order.